The experience of the firm doesn’t matter much if the people with the experience are not working on your project.

That is why SKB organizes its business model the way it does – to allow the Partners and Principals to contribute heavily to the projects they are assigned to, large or small. They give the clients the tempered professional advice of a fellow business owner, and they provide strong leadership to the design teams to produce the design and technical documents efficiently with an inherent value engineering process. Almost all of the Partners and Principals bring between 20 to 35 years’ experience to their projects.

Diversity does not only enhance a workforce. Diversity of experience means that the professionals can draw on a broader range of ideas as they work to solve a client’s requirements. This is especially relevant as professional service firms become more like corporations, corporations more like professional service firms and non-profit organizations more like corporations and professional service firms.

Law firms
Government Affairs
Associations/Nonprofit Organizations
Federal Agencies
International and Intergovernmental Organizations
Retail and Hospitality Industry
Base Building
Interior Architecture & Design
Building Modernization/Repositioning
Secure Facilities