SKB Express

Small projects with limited budgets with a need for quality design and strong management; under 10,000 SF.

Architecture and design firms seem to be proudest when completing projects of ever-increasing beauty, technical complexity, and sheer size. Admittedly, SKB is no exception here.

However, we have particular admiration for clients with limited resources who still seek beautiful, intelligently designed spaces. These clients know that resources can be stretched, boundaries can be pushed, and beauty can be found in simplicity. But they also know it takes a special set of skills to pull it off.

We relish the challenge of designing to a tight budget because the process makes use of the most creative minds and advanced management tools that SKB has to offer, perhaps to a greater degree even than the big, complex projects. As with all our work, budgeting with machine precision using up-to-the-minute pricing information and managing the construction phase with knowledge and discipline, are keys to success. An added bit of fun for the architect and client alike is finding innovative ways to use less expensive materials and methods to elevate the design to a level not normally seen in projects in the price range.

More specifically, SKB Express is a special design and construction document process that uses standardized construction details and finish palettes that SKB has developed and tested over many years. The construction documents are simplified, and we work with general contractors that know the SKB Express system.

Sometimes the biggest value a designer can provide is developing sensible, efficient space plans that get the most out of the real estate. Instead of assigning the youngest staff to the project, the SKB Express system allows SKB to assign a senior designer who can quickly come up with space plans that really work and can give the client valuable insight based on their experience.