Human Factors

A workplace strategies approach developing high performance, technological environments, tailored to how people work.

Human Factors was created to balance the dichotomy between the pressures of real estate costs, the need for more efficient work process and the complex needs of humans in the workplace.

There is tremendous consensus among Facility Managers, Human Resources Directors, Systems Process Engineers, Behavioral Scientists and Environmental Designers that there is less challenge in finding a way to more efficient workspace standards than in bringing the affected workforce along to the change in their environment.

Indeed, there is no particular magic in developing a workstation that is modular in plan, easily adaptable to new functional requirements and easy to maintain. Benchmarking around the country or around the world often reveals that most jobs can be effectively performed in wildly different size and configuration of office types, depending on the local custom, culture and management style. Getting users to honestly critique how they use their workspace and getting their support in making a more effective work environment is challenging at best.

In order to build trust from the User group, SKB has developed a flexible process that works at understanding and setting the Users’ priorities first before discussing the needs and priorities of the Organization. This is the opposite of the traditional approach, and while it may seem subtle, this approach means that the context of all questions asked and decisions made maintain some level of connection with the individuals using the space.