SKB International

Quickly-deployed, thoughtful architecture and design for international locations. Teaming and collaboration with local experts managed for a single source solution.

For more than 15 years, SKB has designed and built base building, renovation, and architectural interiors projects all around the world. In 2008, the firm expanded its international capabilities to include project management, design-build, master planning, engineering, construction management, procurement, and logistical services. With offices in Doha, Amman, and Kabul – as well as partners throughout Africa, the Middle East, and Asia – SKB International has been able to provide exceptional service to clients for an extremely diverse range of project types in both accessible and remote locations.

Each project presents its own set of challenges. In Sana’a, Yemen, the main challenge was designing a high quality office building with an indigenous character in a remote place that contained few office buildings. In Pakistan, the challenge was to develop a structure that appeared unburdened and light while working with newly-adopted stringent earthquake design guidelines. In Bangladesh, the challenge was to design a building that had a strong inside-outside connection while providing maximum protection from a severe climate. In Madagascar, the challenge was to design an office building in the center of the National Square that invented a new Malagasy architectural tradition and veered away from the French and American Imperial design models. In Afghanistan, the challenge is to work within military guidelines, an unpredictable workforce, major security constraints, and a complex resource supply chain.

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