SKB Procurements has been providing significant cost savings, enhanced value, and better coordination for its clients over the past 20 years.
The second largest budget item for an interiors project is normally furniture, yet people outside of the furniture industry itself rarely understand how the business of manufacturing and installing furniture works. Promises of seemingly deep discounts and free services obscure the real costs and value.

SKB Procurements, Inc. was established to complete the “full service” cycle by providing product procurement services to SKB Architecture and Design clients. Procurement services benefit clients by offering economic advantages, project continuity, and timing controls not provided by conventional dealerships. By evaluating and analyzing various conditions throughout the project, SKB Procurements supports SKB Architecture and Design’s goal to achieve overall design excellence at the lowest possible cost.

SKB Procurements has access to more than 1,000 furniture manufacturers, including proprietary ones who require working through their preselected dealers. Because SKB Procurements has no favorites, it can leverage its knowledge of all the manufacturers and how their products are made to make even these proprietary lines extremely competitive in the search to find the best product for the client.

SKB Procurements negotiates the best possible discount for the client and passes along any other “incentive fees” or rebates. It charges a professional fee for its service that is based on the overall scope of procuring, managing, coordinating and installing the furniture.
This approach makes SKB responsible for the entire design. The people who gathered important information during the programming and design phases are responsible for monitoring the furniture elements as much as they are for the architecture.