SKB Architecture & Design

Studio level of design quality with service to match.

SKB Studios represents the highest level of design and craftsmanship available in a finished space. It is tempting to think of top-of-the-line spaces, with their high $/sf build-out budgets, as thrilling design exercises wherein architects specify exotic materials and draw unrestrained, complicated, and absolutely gorgeous design details without the same concern for cost management.

In fact, the opposite is often true. Marquee projects are just as much about disciplined restraint, machine-precise budgeting, and very hands-on management of the construction process as they are about the indulgence in beautiful, intricate design.

If ineffectively managed, marquee-level design can quickly spin out of control, beginning in the specifications phase and continuing through the bidding process and into construction.

Without the deep and precise – and constantly updated – knowledge resource base that SKB offers, costs to specify and build an aspirational design can rise much faster than a project’s contingency allowance is meant to handle, resulting in the need for mid-stream compromises.