All three concepts strengthen the message of HLC’s mission and vision in the space.

Another important aspect of the HLC are the people the organization serves. SKB introduced key locations for artwork of hands touching to represent the many generations, backgrounds and genders to convey the many groups working together for health and wellness goals.

In addition to this foundational wall, SKB envisioned a way to capture the literal identity and mission of HLC in a way that would make the language come alive. By floating text on two separate layers of glass with large, bold text representing big statements and smaller text conveying refined ideas the single words and phrases overlap each other and move in relation to each other as one moves through the space, creating the illusion of spoken words that dynamically occupy space the way sound moves through a room.

The members are the building blocks of the organization and to convey this concept, SKB designed a thick wall made up of blocks of various depths to create a framework for displaying logos of member companies in a foundational way.

The SKB design team wanted to express multiple concepts about the organization within the architecture of the space.

Healthcare Leadership Council represents a broad spectrum of healthcare providers, pharmaceutical companies, educational institutions, and insurance companies who are working together to bring positive ideas to the health care reform discussion.