Corporate Design | Washington, DC | 14,000 sf | 2013

Emily’s List is a political advocacy group focused on assisting select candidates for state and national office. Because the work is tied to the election cycles, the makeup and density of the office can change over the course of two and four year election seasons. The operation generally breaks down into two areas – policy and outreach.

Emily’s List had chosen the newly renovated 1800 M Street office building prior to retaining SKB to design their new offices. The building offered an unusual amount of window line because of its unique footprint, but the eccentric building shape also presented the potential for a floor plan that wandered around corners, seemingly disorganized.

SKB first developed a simple, disciplined bi-nuclear plan with large open office sections surrounded by manager offices and conference rooms. At the centers of the open workstation areas are open benching stations for interns and visitors and impromptu collaboration sessions. The workstations themselves are designed for seated privacy with a feeling of connection between the entire staff.

A communal work and meeting area directly behind the receptionist serves as the energy center for the space, and a gallery of candidates leads from the reception area to the board room.