Washington, DC | 5,000 sf | 2010

Healthcare Leadership Council represents a broad spectrum of healthcare providers, pharmaceutical companies, educational institutions, and insurance companies who are working together to bring positive ideas to the health care reform discussion. This 5,000 square foot office space includes conventional office space and a central conference facility for HLC members to meet and discuss their ideas. To help HLC be more effective, SKB saw the need to take different aspects of HLC’s message and present an organization that has depth. The message is presented in three forms: First, photographs of hands touching – reaching across generations, backgrounds, genders – were purchased and manipulated by SKB into sepia-tone art and installed behind the receptionist, reminding the visitor that HLC exists for the organizations served.Second, the double-layer glass wall leading from the front door to the main conference room has narrative text mounted on the front and rear layers of glass. The text was developed with the client, and the single words and phrases overlap each other and move in relation to each other as one moves through the space, creating the illusion of spoken words that dynamically occupy space the way sound moves through a room. Walking by the wall, one gets the sense of “seeing” a conversation. This makes the words and phrases dynamic and more meaningful.Third, the member companies are integrated with the architecture. The main wall of the conference room is a white lacquered wall with a custom designed panel system.The logos of the member companies were printed onto matching glossy paper and spray-glued to the panels in a way that economically made the members part of the wall. This was done in response to SKB’s observation that when putting their members’ logos in picture frames on a wall, coalition organizations often make it appear that membership is as tentative as a picture
hanging on a nail. By integrating the logos into the wall system, there is a strong feeling that the members work together and are integral to the organization.