Corporate Design | WASHINGTON, D.C. | 31,000 sf | 2012

SmartBrief is a media company on a mission to save their customers time and keep them smart. The premise behind SmartBrief is simple: there’s too much information out there and too little time in the day to read it all. SmartBrief’s editors hand-pick the most relevant and important news from all over, summarize it, link to the original sources and deliver it for free in one-stop-shop e-newsletters.

Nearly 3 million business decision-makers count on SmartBrief each day to provide “must-read” news in 25 key industries. Subscriptions are free of charge, offered in partnership with more than 100 leading trade associations, professional societies, non-profits and corporations. SmartBrief leased 31,000 sf with a goal of redefining their workplace. Their previous offices were characterized by cramped and claustrophobic spaces with staff spread across several different floors.

The ability to bring the entire office together, foster collaboration and reinforce the corporate culture, were key to the success of the project. A clear set of objectives were established early on in the planning process. The new space would need to be flexible, open and densely populated while providing abundant meeting, gathering and collaborative spaces. A bench-type furniture system was utilized to maximize the efficiency of office areas, freeing up additional space to accommodate the desired conferencing and amenity areas.

The large open office areas were arranged around a core of service and amenity areas encouraging the staff to cross paths and interact throughout the work day. A conference center with adaptable rooms provides ample meeting space with the flexibility to accommodate large gatherings. Small meeting pods adjacent to the conference rooms provide casual breakout areas for workers.

The lunch room, located adjacent to an outdoor terrace is utilized throughout the day for meals and casual meetings. The lunch room is connected to adjacent meeting rooms which have operable garage doors that can be opened to provide a contiguous gathering area for large functions.