Corporate Design | Washington, DC | 10,000 sf | 2009

Since its founding in the 1920s, Time Inc. has been a pathfinder in journalism. The design for its Washington Bureau deals with three concepts: permanence, change and transparency. The 10,000 square foot office is comprised of individual reporters’ and editors’ offices, assistant workstations, a central conference room and a central open collaboration area. The conference and reception area are anchored at each end by wood wall elements, with the logo in the reception area and video display incorporated into the conference room anchor—signifying the company’s move to digital distribution while the famous red line signifying the roots of this premiere institution are intact. The Z-shaped lights create a dynamic connection between the two anchors to emphasize that this connection was deliberate.This public space—the reception and conference areas—are wrapped by stacked glass walls roughly 4 inches thick. The fact that the wall is glass shows the organization’s value of transparency, while the massive effect of the stacked glass reinforces its importance in the world of journalism in general and Washington in particular. The glass also reinforces the concepts of texture and depth that are the hallmarks of the company. The perimeter office wall is drywall with a wood and glass door panel. The careful use of wood at the doors and the signage ties the employees with the logo in the reception area as the essential elements of the organization. The red line ties the offices together down the hall like a string tying the occupants to the history of the institution.

An open area with casual furniture, video monitors and quick access to a kitchen is an essential space for the collaborative environment, especially when important events unfold in the world, the night before a weekly deadline, and as events demand literally hour by hour. This design pays respect to an iconic American institution, whose business, now more than ever, depends on covering a nation and a world that is changing constantly.