Corporate Design | Leesburg, VA | 1,100,000 sf | 1994 

This project, a 140,000 sf multi-purpose building, is the most recent addition to the 1,100,000 sf Xerox Training & Conference Center in Leesburg, VA. Set atop a secluded hill overlooking the Potomac River, the site required a unique design to address several key objectives: retain a sense of retreat despite intense development; respond appropriately to existing structures; accommodate several programs (offices, classrooms, warehouses) within one structure.

The pavilion is a beacon that marks the new center of the complex. Its classic use of form and light link, yet hold apart, the other buildings on campus. Glass and steel structures rise out of the cast-in-place concrete base expressing the various functions within. A series of copper roof-forms provides a dramatic silhouette that mirrors the Virginia countryside.