MADAGASCAR | 30,000 s.f. | 2000

SKB has been working continuously with a global Confidential Client in their effort to decentralize the Bank’s management throughout the world. Towards this end there has been a building boom of small and medium-size base building and interior design projects.

The entity has looked to SKB to maintain a high level of design while being extremely sensitive to local building techniques and traditions. At the same time, it is essential that cutting-edge office technology is incorporated to keep the bank staff completely linked with their offices and missions around the globe.

In Madagascar, SKB designed a completely new building to serve as a regional mission for staff to manage projects in the western Indian Ocean.

For international locations, SKB works closely with local architects and develops a design that fully takes advantage of existing construction techniques, cultural norms, and materials while providing a Class A office building appropriate for staff in this develop countries.