PAKISTAN | 110,000 sf | 2009-pending

A global Confidential Client commissioned SKB to design an addition to their existing Country Office in the diplomatic enclave of Pakistan’s capitol city, Islamabad. The existing building was 50,000 SF and was built in 1980. The new building consists of a 4-story 60,000 SF office building with conference center and public reception areas, a new atrium connecting the new and existing building, and a total renovation of the existing building. The new building also has a parking garage in the basement level, a rooftop garden and a high landscaped roof has a gentle slope. The building will be certified as LEED Silver.

Islamabad is a modern city planned in the 1950’s by the noted Greek architect and Bauhaus professor, C. A. Doxiadis, and was conceived as an International Style city developed on a grid which carefully laid out office, housing, retail, agricultural and industrial sectors. There is little regional architecture to be found in Islamabad and, ironically, little color in this land of highly colorful vernacular art, craft and architecture.The new building is clad with an aluminum, glass and ceramic tile curtainwall system. The aluminum and glass speak to the International Style of the city, but the ceramic tile panels in the curtainwall are made locally from colors that represent the four provinces of Pakistan.

The new building will feature a new Variable Air Volume air conditioning system, rare for this locale, but able to provide great energy savings and comfort. The building is also constructed to resist the extremely high local requirements for earthquake loads, even though it appears to be predominantly glass. SKB developed the design with two engineering consulting teams — one in the United States which took the project through Design Development and another team in Pakistan which carried the drawings through final bid documents.